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My Instagram food snaps

Because we are all a little obsessed with what people are eating (or is that just me?!) I thought I'd so a little round up of my Instagram food snaps. 
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My Summer Bucket List | Tag

I thought I'd make up a tag! I hope this one hasn't been done before, I tried to think of something original!
We all love summer, and what better way to motivate us to make the most of this year's sun than to write a list of things we want to achieve/do this summer! I thought this would be a great way to get to know some of you bloggers as I am fairly new to the scene... So enjoy! (Feel free to use my photos if you wish!)
Rules of the tag:  Thank the person who tagged youNominate 5 bloggers - big or small - to do the tagWrite a list of things you want to do/achieve this summerYour summer bucket list can be as long or as short as you wish! Try and complete your bucket list!My Bucket List: 1) Have a picnic in the park 2) Go to a music festival 3) Throw a family BBQ 4) Have a trip to Brighton 5) Skinny dip! 6) Go somewhere on a plane 7) Have an adventure 8) Yoga in the park 9) Midnight picnic and star gazing with my boyfriend 10) Go camping! (Or glamping, this is me we're talking ab…

Today I did something scary...

Nobody likes hospitals. The smell, waiting around, lots of poorly old people... And to state the obvious, if you're in hospital you're probably not feeling 100 per cent anyway. But my not-so-nice hospital trip today saw me conquering a fear I've had since I was a child, and I thought I would share my experience.
I've been a full-time scaredy cat for as long as I can remember. It's a family thing that goes back generations. My nan was the worst, suffering with agoraphobia, leaving her unable to leave the house while my mum was growing up. And my mum is scared of lots of things: heights, busy traffic, cows - you know, the usual. Compared to my mother and my nanny, I look pretty fearless. 
But I have always had an irrational, but overwhelming, fear of lifts (that's elevators for you Americans). So much so, that before today I had managed to avoid them for ten years. And by avoiding them, I seem to have missed out on a lot. When I was roughly fifteen, my school yea…

Summer update - magazine work placement

It has certainly been a while! But not for lack of time to write... In fact I've been writing more than ever. That's because I've been working at my first real magazine!
My second year of university ended on a high. I came out with a first - naturally restoring my writing confidence in preparation for my summer work placement at Leftlion magazine. I have known I want to be a journalist from such a young age, but always felt there was something holding me back from getting some actual work experience in the field. And now I just wish I had have done it sooner!
My first day was nerve-racking to say the least. But I couldn't have asked for a nicer work environment. I was (a little bit too) excited to find that I had my own desk and would be given a few of my own little projects to work on. Inspired by a brilliant team and the beautiful summer sun, by the end of the two week placement I had had my first published by line, as well as writing a 1500 word feature and a half p…

MOTN: Smokey Cut Crease

10 important things I wish I knew in high school

(just lol)

10 ways to make the most out of being young

I'm writing this as a reminder to myself as much as a helping hand for you!

We are forever being told to enjoy being young while we can. To try new things and have fun. However, in the midst of going to school/college/uni, working part time and having a slightly unhealthy relationship with Netflix, we may find it easy to forget how precious life is. We all want to have fun and create memories to remember forever. So, without further adieu (I love that word), here are 10 ways to make the most out of being young: